With the 80's influence and inspiration from over 40 years of music across numerous genres that Coleton received while growing up, combined with Coleton's passion for all things summer, sunsets, and the sea - and his appreciation of the lifestyle and music of Jimmy Buffett thrown in the mix - Coleton's own music offers something original and new, while relatable to many - old and young. 

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The Albums

Coleton Wilcox released his first single "TIME" back in 2019 beginning his musical songwriting journey during his junior year in high school, where he later finished writing and recording his debut album Futurism during his senior year in 2020. This debut album depicts stories of personal experiences, both good and bad, love and loss; all through the course of those special teenage years, and together tells a story of heartfelt emotional lyrics on top of danceable and euphoric riffs. Composed, written, recorded, and produced by Coleton Wilcox, the debut album was "unofficially" released online in May 2020 during the worldwide lockdowns and one year later was officially released in October 2021. While he began to perform live again after the lockdowns, Coleton began compiling stories of what was left after "Futurism" and writing more stories of new experiences following the end of his high school years.

After two years of performing, writing, and recording, Coleton proudly presented Euphoria - his second album, released in February 2022. This second album includes 10 tracks of electronic bliss to transport the listener through a story and life continued after "Futurism", and how it all plays out in the end.  He hopes you enjoy this journey of music  (as his song "Oblivion" portrays) - before fading into oblivion as all things do in the end.

And most recently - Coleton is proud to present his third album Sunset, released on December 1, 2023. This 11-track album is the darker end of the story line told throughout his three albums and it paves the way for a new sound. The album is about love and heartache, miscommunication, missed opportunities, never-ending change, reliving love through memories, not being able to escape the passage of time, independence and moving on – and despite all of it – hope. As you listen to the album story play out, Coleton would like to welcome you to the world of “Sunset".  

The Official Singles

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